William Bodine Obituary, William Bodine has passed away – Death

William Bodine Obituary, Death – The news that our brother, William Lee Bodine, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58 while he was at home in Dundee, Michigan, has left our family inconsolable. He had been living there for the past 58 years. He was encompassed by the people he cared about the most. He was present with us there the day before the previous day. His parents, Lennon C. Bodine and Dolores R.

(Goodnough) Bodine, were there to greet him as he made his entrance into the world on July 2, 1964. The second of July is his birthday. He was an only child and had no brothers or sisters. Lee was a business owner who had graduated from Dundee High School and had a role in the company he owned. Carpentry was just one of the many trades that Lee was skilled in; he also worked in general contracting and construction. His pets, especially his dog Gage and his cat Abby, held a special place in his heart, particularly Gage.

However, he favored Abby more than Gage. Because he cherished animals in general and his own pets in particular, he always had a soft spot in his heart for them. Boating, camping, gardening, shooting, and hunting were some of his favorite things to do in his spare time. He also enjoyed all of these activities. In addition to that, he enjoyed driving motorized recreational vehicles. Dolores (Jerry) McMullen, Margie (Ray) Kuehnlein, C.

Dean (Mary) Bodine, Nancy (Harry) Salenbien, Bonnie (Donald) Gildersleeve, Margie (Ray) Kuehnlein, Dolores (Jerry) McMullen, Dolores (Jerry) McMullen, Annette (Perry) Freelon, His maternal and paternal grandparents, his brother L. Timothy Bodine, and his two nephews, Taylor Brown and Gabriel Cavasin, all passed away before he did. Also, his paternal and maternal great-grandparents passed away. Before he was even born, both of his parents had already passed away. He was an only child. Before he passed away, he was the only living member of his family; all of his other relatives had passed away before him.

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