Warren Turner Obituary, Learn more about Warren Turner Death

Warren Turner Obituary, Learn more about Warren Turner Death

Warren Turner Death, Obituary –  On March 14, 1943, Warren Turner was born in New Albany in the state of Indiana. Before joining the United States Navy, he received his education at Purdue University and the University of California, Los Angeles. Six years of his service in the Navy were spent as a corpsman, two of which were spent in Vietnam. After finishing his time in the Navy, he pursued his goal of becoming a physician while also starting a family with his wife Pauline Bayley.

His undergraduate degree is in biology from the University of California, Irvine, and he received his medical degree from the University of California, Irvine Medical School. At the Natividad hospital in Salinas, where he was doing his residency in family practice, he graduated with honors. Christy, Sarah, and Andrew were born to Pauline and Duke, who later became parents.

Duke practiced medicine in the cities of Salinas, Gonzales, and Hollister, in addition to serving as a military doctor at Fort Ord while he was a member of the army reserve. In 1991, Pauline lost her battle with cancer. In 1996, Duke tied the knot with Carmelita Asuncion. The children Carmela, Laura, Christina, Evangeline, and Eleazar all have him as their stepfather. The couple uprooted their lives and moved to Texas, settling in Schulenburg and Victoria respectively over the course of several years.

The family moved back to Salinas the following year (2008). Duke had a deep dedication to both his patients and the community at large. Both at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and Dorothy’s Place in Salinas, where he worked as a physician, he was a member of the hospital’s physician advisory board. Both Our Lady of Refuge Church in Castroville and Madonna del Sasso Church in Salinas counted him as an active parishioner at one time or another.

On October 19, 2022, he passed away. Carmelita, his wife, his children Sarah and Andrew, his stepchildren Carmela, Laura, Christina, Evangeline, and Eleazar, fourteen stepgrandchildren, and one great-grandchild are among those who are left behind after his passing. Pauline, his first wife, and Christy, his daughter, both passed away before he did.

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