Vinnie Marino Obituary, Monroe U.S, Army Veteran Has Passed Away – Death

Vinnie Marino Obituary, Monroe U.S, Army Veteran Has Passed Away - Death

Vinnie Marino Obituary, Death – My dear friend Vinnie Marino, a veteran of the United States Army from Monroe, passed away over the weekend, and the news of his passing has left me with a sense of loss. During the Vietnam War, Vinnie was a soldier for the United States Army.
Vinnie honored his country by serving in World War II and participating in the Battle of the Bulge in Europe. This conflict took place in Europe during that time period. We were passengers on the very first Hudson Valley Honor Flight, which took place ten years ago. Vinnie and I were there to honor those who served our country. In addition to that, there was a World War II veteran from Chester named Bill Sabella who was present with us.

Bill had been stationed in the Pacific Theater of Operations during his time in the military. We had an instant rapport with one another as a group and grew close to one another very quickly. We stayed in touch with one another and went to a variety of events honoring veterans, including other send-offs for Honor Flights, until Bill’s health stopped him from doing either of those things. During that time period, you could always find us there as a consistent presence.
The death of Bill in the early part of 2020 was a sad event, but Vinnie and I have stayed in touch with one another since then. Because she had been the one true love of his life, he was left in a state of utter devastation when he lost his wife Viola a few years ago. In September of the year before, I went to Vinnie’s house, where I was joined by Tony Cardone, the Supervisor of the Town of Monroe, in order to wish him a happy birthday and to celebrate the fact that it was his special day.

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