Vince Mitchell Obituary, Vince Mitchell Has Passed Away – Death

Vince Mitchell Obituary, Vince Mitchell Has Passed Away - Death

Vince Mitchell Death, Obituary – He was devoted to his wife, Candis A. (Koplin) Mitchell, to whom he had been married for approximately forty years at the time of their passing. They were successful in having three offspring as a couple. He was the son of his parents, the late Vincent M. Mitchell and Leona (Munroe) Mitchell, who both lived in Lynn, the city in where he was born and raised. He was the only child of his parents. He attended Lynn English High School and was a part of the class that graduated in the year 1973.

For the course of the previous three decades, he had resided in Middleton as his primary residence. During the period that the United States was engaged in the Vietnam War, Vincent served in the armed forces of the United States. Mitchell Contracting Services was his company, and it was located in Middleton, which is where he lived. Before that, he worked as a teacher in the public schools of Lynn and also served the community in Lynn as a firefighter there.

Before that, he worked in the public schools of Lynn. Both the American Legion Post 113 in Manchester-by-the-Sea, where he served as a Past Commander, and the Danvers Fish and Game Club, where he was a member for a considerable amount of time, were important parts of his life. Vincent possessed a black belt in the martial art of Karate Uechi-Ryu, which was his area of expertise. He was a passionate sailor and had a sweet spot for a variety of different animals.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by his siblings, Deborah McCormick and her late husband George, Doreen Parola, and Wayne Mitchell and his wife Melissa; his brother-in-law, Richard Parola; his sister-in-law, Stephanie Simmons and her husband Joel; as well as his niece Jennifer Clifford and his nephew Andey Simmons. His niece and nephew are also named Jennifer Clifford and Andey Simmons, respectively. Only one member of his direct family had passed away before to him, and that was his wife. Also, he was the uncle of Keith Parola, who had passed away before this time.

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