Valdez-Saldana Galena Park TX Mass, Shooting And Self Suicide – Death

Ballard Shooting, A Ballard robbery that killed and injured a suspect is under investigation.

Valdez-Saldana Galena Park TX Mass – Humberto Valdez-Saldana, also known as Valentin, has been identified as the person who was responsible for the murder-suicide that took place in Galena Park and involved the deaths of three teenage girls, according to sources within law enforcement. The murder-suicide that took place in Galena Park involved Humberto Valdez-Saldana. Galena Park was the location that played host to the event that was described earlier.

As a direct consequence of what happened, three young women, all of whom were in their teen years, tragically lost their lives. An incident involving gunfire took place on Saturday evening in the 2000 block of Second Street, as reported by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. It was reported that the incident took place at that location. The gathering took place late on a Saturday night, making it a Saturday night event. According to the deputies who investigated the incident.

Valdez-Saldana had been dating the woman who is currently his girlfriend for approximately two years at the time of the incident. This information was obtained from the deputies who conducted the investigation. When the authorities say he killed two of her daughters, one of her daughters’ friends, and her other daughter, who was able to flee with her niece who was one year old, she was not at the house at the time they say he did so. She was not present.

According to the authorities, he was also responsible for the death of one of her daughters’ friends. The authorities claim that he also sexually assaulted her daughter; however, she and her niece were able to escape from him before he could hurt them. The authorities believe that he was also responsible for the death of a friend of one of her daughters’ friends who was a mutual friend of both of their daughters. After that, Valdez-Saldana allegedly turned the gun around, aimed it at himself, and shot himself in the head with it. The authorities have stated this to be the case.

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