Trian Family Shooting, Terror Attack at Wieambilla

Trian Family Shooting, Terror Attack at Wieambilla

Shooting In Wieambilla – Before carrying out Australia’s first terrorist attack that was inspired by religious extremism, members of the Train family indicated in journal writings and statements on social media that they felt police were “monsters and demons. After going to a property in Wieambilla, Queensland, on Monday, December 12, 2022, at approximately 4:40 p.m., for the purpose of conducting a welfare check in connection with a missing New South Wales principal named Nathaniel, a group of four police officers came under fire from Nathaniel, Gareth, and Stacey Train.

Moments after arriving on the scene, Train, his brother Gareth, and Gareth’s partner Stacey opened fire, resulting in the deaths of two police officers. Constable Matthew Arnold, age 26, and Constable Rachel McCrow, age 29, were killed. Ms. Brough became trapped in burning bushland as the assailants tried to smoke her out of the area, and Constable Randall Kirk, also 28, only narrowly survived the attack. Two other colleagues, Constable Keeley Brough and Constable Randall Kirk, both 28, only narrowly survived the attack.

After seeing smoke coming from the residence around 5 o’clock, a neighbor named Alan Dare, who was 56 years old, went to check it out and is believed to have been fatally shot in the back. Despite the fact that the investigation into the attack was “far from” complete as of Thursday, the Deputy Commissioner of the Queensland Police, Tracy Linford, told the media that exhaustive evidence had been collected.

This included entries to the diary that Stacey Train kept, texts and emails sent by the trio, social media posts, and a whopping 190 statements and recorded interviews. The video from the body cams worn by the four police officers as well as the CCTV footage collected from the property has also been reviewed.

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