Todd Yandre Obituary, Todd Yandre Has Passed Away – Death

Todd Yandre Obituary

Todd Yandre Obituary Death – This information comes to you with heavy hearts and a great deal of sadness on our part.
RELEASED IMMEDIATELY FOR IMPRESSION: The 16th of February, 2023 THE LAKE MILLS FIRE DEPARTMENT IS IN DEEP SADDENING DEPRESSION OVER THE DEATH OF FIRE CHIEF TODD YANDRE. Lake Mills, WI . Unexpectedly, Chief Todd Yandre of the Lake Mills Fire Department went away on the evening of February 15, 2023.

His death in the line of duty appears to have been caused by a cardiac episode, according to preliminary reports; however, this has not yet been confirmed by an autopsy. Chief Yandre was a dedicated member of the Lake Mills Fire Department for over 41 years, rising through the ranks from volunteer fireman all the way to Chief of the Department. Throughout his time there, he achieved a great deal of success.

Chief Yandre left behind a legacy that will be felt profoundly and indelibly by his family and friends, as well as by the Lake Mills Fire Department and the greater Lake Mills community. The untimely and unexpected passing of Chief Yandre has had a significant and profound impact across a large region and on a huge scale.

In addition to his service to the Lake Mills Fire Department, Chief Yandre was a mentor and educator to an untold number of firefighters in the past, in the present, and in the future. He served as an adjunct instructor for Madison College, as a member of the Emergency Services Board of Madison College, and as a member of the Wisconsin Society of Fire Instructors.

All of these roles were in addition to his service as Chief of the Lake Mills Fire Department. In addition to being an active member of the International Organization of Fire Chiefs, Chief Yandre was also a member of the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association. As a devoted professional in the fields of firefighting and emergency services, Chief Yandre has protected, served, and preserved the lives of countless individuals within our town, the surrounding region, and the state of Wisconsin.

Chief Yandre was a hero both in life and in death, and he deserves to be celebrated and remembered. Visitations as well as memorial services are currently being organized, and they will take place at a later time and date. We would be honored if you could join us in honoring our fallen hero, Chief Todd Yandre.

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