Tiffany Nolen Obituary, Xenia Ohio, Tiffany Nolen Has Passed Away – Death

Tiffany Nolen Obituary, Xenia Ohio, Tiffany Nolen Has Passed Away - Death

Tiffany Nolen Obituary, Death – Being a lash technician entails performing duties beyond those of a simple lash technician. You develop special relationships with your customers, particularly with those customers who are loyal to you, and if you are anything like me, you strive to put your customers at ease so that they would feel more at ease opening up to you and telling you all that’s on their mind. You are both a listener and a counselor.

I always tell people that I work in lash therapy. And in the case of Tiffany Lynn Nolen, I served in the capacity of lash therapist for her. There were times when she was dealing with something, and the first thing she would say to me when she walked in would be, “I just couldn’t wait to get in here with you and have a session.” Over the course of the past few years, we have had nearly weekly encounters.

We discussed each and every topic. She was more to me than a customer; she was my little sister! She had complete faith in me, and her love for me was unwavering. In addition to this, I liked her, confided in her, and trusted her. She held a very unique place in my heart. Tiff is a witty, intelligent, charming, devoted, generous, genuine, particular, loving, loving mother, and a brat.

If I had to characterize her in one word, it would be “brat.” I used to call her that, and she used to call me a brat. Those are just some of the many names that people have given her. She was undoubtedly misunderstood by a lot of people, but the few who truly knew her and loved her were able to understand her rather well. When we were younger, we were friends, but it is to my great pleasure that we have maintained that friendship as adults. I will never forget all of the good times we shared together and always treasure them. I’m going to miss her in a significant way. I’m at a complete loss for words. I have no doubt that I will carry the memories of our final meeting deep within my soul. Please pray for her family and friends, especially Summer, as they go through this difficult time.

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