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Thomas Sutton Obituary Death – According to the reports, a guy from Indiana was driving his vehicle into a tree early on Tuesday morning in Jefferson County, which resulted in a devastating incident that ultimately led to the man’s death. The crash took place in Jefferson County.

According to the reports, the occurrence took place in the county of Jefferson. An accident was reported to have occurred in the 11000 Block of West State Road 256 at approximately 4:12 in the morning, and deputies from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office were sent there to investigate the event.

Deputy Sheriffs found a white Ford Taurus that had been entirely devoured by flames when they got at the scene of the accident where it had occurred. The severity of the fire prohibited the sheriff’s officials from effectively rescuing the driver who was trapped inside the burning vehicle. The driver was unable to escape the inferno. The fire was too intense for the driver to get out of the way in time.

The fire was put out with the assistance of some of the Kent Volunteer Fire Department’s professional colleagues after they were called to the scene to put out the blaze. According to the first responders that arrived on the scene, the man was presumed to have passed away as a result of the injuries he incurred prior to the fire being put out.

This occurred before the fire could be put out. When the Jefferson County coroner identified Thomas Sutton, a man who lived in Vevay, Indiana, as the driver of the automobile, Sutton had reached the age of sixty at the time of the identification. The coroner determined that Sutton was the person driving the vehicle.

The Jefferson County medical examiner who is responsible for death investigations The recent car collision that took place in the county is still being looked at by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office as part of their investigation into the incident.

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