The Justin Bieber death hoax was debunked.

That is not the first time that a celebrity’s death has been erroneously reported to have occurred on social media. The Canadian singer Justin Bieber was the most recent person to fall prey to this internet hoax, despite the fact that the death hoax was ultimately proven to be false. It all started with a story that went viral on March 5, 2023, claiming that Justin Bieber had perished in a car accident while traveling faster than 100 miles per hour. However, once Justin Bieber made an appearance in public on the same day, it was eventually determined that the story was in fact “false.” On the other hand, the hottest hashtag on social media right now is #JustinBieberDead.

Fans’ reactions to the fake news of Justin Bieber’s death
Despite the fact that the news was not true, it was sufficient to cause a frenzy among the singer’s followers on the internet. The rumors caused Justin Bieber followers to feel confused, and they responded by pointing out the false post. Someone said, “Someone put a bogus post on Facebook about Justin Bieber dying and I fell for it smh,” and another person responded, “I fell for it too.” “Whoever got my momma believing Justin Bieber is dead can go to hell,” the second fan said. “Whoever got my momma thinking Justin Bieber is dead can go to hell.”

Justin Bieber is still around and in good health!
Concerned about Justin Bieber and his antics? Don’t fret! The singer best known for their hit “I don’t care” is very much still with us. The Canadian musician recently marked the occasion of his 29th birthday with a party attended by his loved ones. His birthday bash was themed after a carnival, and guests included Bernard Harvey, Billie Eilish, Kid Laroi, Jaden Smith, Leon Bridges, and Don Toliver. In addition to that, he has posted a slideshow of birthday photos to all of his social media accounts. The artist best known for the song “Peaches” took to Instagram to share images from the event, in which he and his friends can be seen exchanging hugs and seemed joyful than they have in a long time.

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