Terry Shrubs Obituary, Terry Shrubs Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Terry Shrubs Obituary, Terry Shrubs Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Terry Shrubs Death, Obituary – A man who is accused of stabbing another man and a dog to death in a park in the west valley of Las Vegas on Friday told police that he felt “paranoid” prior to the attack on the other man and the dog. Rochlon Kareem Hamilton is accused of stabbing Terry Ruth Shrubs, who is 49 years old, and injuring a dog at Charlie Frias Park along Tropicana near Decatur avenues, according to an arrest report filed by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Following the stabbing, officers from the Metro Police Department were initially sent to the park’s tennis courts. As soon as the police arrived, several people who had seen the stabbing pointed them in the direction of the suspect, who was located nearby. After that, the officers were able to take Rochlon Hamilton, who is 50 years old, into custody without any trouble. According to the police report, Hamilton was arrested and one of the officers overheard him saying, “I did it because they was messin with me,” while he was being taken into custody.

Officers who responded to the call reported discovering a “black folding knife” inside a garbage can close to the playground area where Hamilton was initially detained. During an interview with the police, Hamilton disclosed that he “had been going through some things and recently had been feeling paranoid, as though he was being followed,” according to the report. Hamilton also stated that he “had been feeling as though he was being followed.”

He also told the police that he was down on his luck and that he had become homeless because his girlfriend was unable to help him. According to the report, when the police questioned Hamilton’s ex-girlfriend, she admitted to them that she had broken up with Hamilton earlier that day but that she had agreed to let him borrow her car on the condition that he would pick her up from work.

Hamilton made the decision to go to the park while she was at her job in order to “figure things out.” The report continued by stating that he then proceeded to lie down in a grassy area of the park. After that, Hamilton reported to the police that a passerby saw him lying on the ground and questioned whether or not he was dead. Hamilton stated that he ignored the man, but the man then asked him again and added, “I hope you’re dead because that would be good for you mother f—–.” Hamilton responded by saying that he ignored the man.

According to the report, Hamilton stated that he was “already on edge and the comment by the man pushed him over the edge.” Hamilton also stated that the comment “pushed him over the edge.” The next thing that happened was that Hamilton stood up and “did what he did,” according to the report. Officers pressed Hamilton for more information, and he revealed that he had blacked out but remembered being attacked by a dog.

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