Steve Serra Obituary, Steve Serra Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Steve Serra Obituary, Steve Serra Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Steve Serra Death, Obituary – The very core of our beings has been shattered to the point of no return.
During this difficult time, the Serra family is continually in our thoughts and prayers as we go through this difficult situation. You can count on us to support you. During this trying time, I will keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers, and I ask that you do the same for me. Steve was held in extremely high esteem by a large number of people. Will go through an incredible amount of anguish as a direct result of his absence.

Following the broadcast of this information earlier this evening on the news, I am unable to find any comfort in it. We must break the news to you with great sadness that Steve Vincent Serra departed this world on February 13, 22 within the confines of his own home following an unexpected and uncomplicated battle with cancer. It is with great regret that we must share this news with you. His passing was not painful in any way. Even though his passing has left us with a sense of loss, we still want to honor the life that he led.

There will unquestionably be additional examples of his work in the years to come! By means of the children that his son Jack and his daughter Bella have produced! Kevin and Kristina, who are his siblings, can each be considered to be one of his sisters in their own right. Shirley and Tony Serra were his mother and father, and both bore the surname Serra. He was named after his parents. His colleagues and relatives, as well as those who were particularly close to him! His name and the legacy he leaves behind will live on for all of eternity

He had a profound concern for the welfare of each and every Serra colleague, friend, and the families of those individuals! At this time, we respectfully request that you keep our request for privacy in confidence. Everyone will be kept up to date with the most recent developments thanks to the efforts that we are making!

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