Stephen Poolson Obituary, Stephen Poolson Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Stephen Poolson Obituary, Stephen Poolson Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Stephen Poolson Death, Obituary – The family of a man who was killed by police in Colorado is demanding answers after a video shows him being struck by a patrol car. The family of a man in Colorado who was seen being struck by a squad car before he was fatally shot by police is demanding answers about the circumstances surrounding his death. The incident was captured on security video in the area where the shooting occurred.

According to security video obtained by NBC News and information released by the Littleton Police Department and the Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office, 41-year-old Stephen Poolson Jr. passed away on February 2 after an unnamed Littleton police officer rammed a squad car into him, chased him on foot, and shot him after receiving a report of a “suspicious vehicle.

The officer was responding to a report of a “suspicious vehicle.” The police suspected that he was driving a motorcycle that had been stolen. The beginning of the 31-second security video shows both Poolson on a motorcycle and the squad car stalled for a few seconds, with Poolson on the sidewalk and the squad car two lanes away in the road next to him.

The video also shows Poolson walking away from the scene after the incident. Poolson then began to drive the motorcycle forward on the sidewalk, at which time the police car made a sharp turn to the left, colliding with him and causing him to be thrown off the motorcycle approximately three seconds later. After that, Poolson gets up and dashes behind a nearby building. A few seconds later, the officer gives chase to him, and shortly after that, both of them disappear from view.

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