Stefania Margarini Obituary, Stefania Margarini has died – Death

Stefania Margarini Obituary, Death – To start, I’d like to send my warmest wishes and warm greetings to each and every member of UNIAPAC Europe! Riccardo Ghidella has served in positions that are connected to both UNIAPAC and UNIAPAC Europe. He has served as a board member for UNIAPAC Europe as well as the past president of UCID, which is an Italian association that is a member of UNIAPAC. On February 18, 2023, his beloved wife Stefania Margarini passed suddenly.

She had been ill for some time. The realization that she was going to die had a significant impact on his life. I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of UNIAPAC, to extend our most profound condolences to Riccardo Ghidella, as well as to offer our sympathies to the family of Stefania Margarini. Stefania was a member of UNIAPAC. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one. Please accept my sympathies.

During this trying time, we will keep Riccardo, his son Vittorio Maria, and the rest of his family in our thoughts and prayers, along with the rest of their families. In addition, we are thinking about and praying for the rest of their families during this difficult time. Let us also pray to God that he provides Stefanie with the peace and consolation that can only come from having a relationship with him. Let us join together in this endeavor. We are aware that the Lord, just like us, carries the memory of her close to his heart, and we do the same thing; similarly, we retain the memory of her close to our hearts. I beg you to please acknowledge and accept my warmest and most sincere regards.

In his current role as President, Laurent Bataille is currently performing the duties associated with his position as President of UNIAPAC Europe. “In times of difficulty, God is our refuge and our source of strength; we can always put our trust in him to see us through these difficult times. We are always able to count on him to be a rock-solid support system for the both of us.” – Psalm 46:2

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