Stefan Lakatos Obituary, Stefan Lakatos Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Stefan Lakatos Obituary, Stefan Lakatos Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Stefan Lakatos Death, Obituary – The news of Stefan Lakatos’s passing has left us in a state of deep mourning ever since we got the message. We are filled with gratitude that we were able to communicate with him, and our hearts go out to his loved ones as we offer our sincerest condolences. The purpose of Stefan’s appearance on the podcast was to discuss his friend Thomas Louis Hardin, also known as Moondog.

Stefan, who was Moondog’s protege, knew Moondog better than almost anyone else, and he was brimming with stories about “The Viking of 6th Avenue.” Being a huge fan of Moondog myself, I found his viewpoints to be extremely enlightening. Moondog was responsible for the creation of the instrument known as the trimba, which Stefan played.

As far as we are aware, he did not have any pupils, and it is possible that he was the only person still alive who kept this slender tradition that had been established by his instructor. We had been aware for quite some time that Stefan was battling a life-threatening illness. Around the same time that we started talking to each other, he received the news that he had cancer. Obviously, this was something that concerned him. But despite the fact that he was, in his words, “shit-scared,”

He never lost his sunny and upbeat attitude, and he never stopped believing in a bright future. After the chemotherapy, he went on to perform in some shows as planned. We were extremely pleased to provide his contact information for a booking in Stavanger, Norway; however, we sorely regret not being able to be there to witness it ourselves. Safe travels, Stefan.

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