Sara Mundy Obituary, Sara Mundy Has Sadly Passed Away

Sara Mundy Obituary, Death – She was a devoted follower of Jesus Christ who had a profound admiration for Dr. Billy Graham and was a long-time member of the Stateline United Methodist Church in Hazel Green, which is now known as the Genesis Methodist Church. She passed away in 2002. Sara was born and raised in the Augusta, Georgia area, which was also the location of her family’s permanent residence for many generations before to her birth.

Because of her husband’s employment at Redstone Arsenal, the family uprooted and moved to Hazel Green in 1966. The reason for the move was the children’s growing up in the area. She was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, and she also worked at Wells & Tate Electric for a number of years.

There, she learned to embrace the new technologies of the day in the service of others, and she worked there in addition to being a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She was a great-grandmother in addition to all of these other roles that she played. In addition to the rich and significant life that she lived, Sara will be remembered for the compassionate heart she possessed, her generosity, her love for her fellow man, her kindness and respect for everyone regardless of who they were, her independent and intelligent nature, as well as her enthusiasm for chocolate ice cream.

She will also be remembered for the fact that she had a full and meaningful life. Her life will be remembered for the prosperous and significant legacy that she leaves behind after she has passed away. Mrs. Mundy’s parents, Emory and Maurine Tankersley, and her husband, Frank Richard Mundy, all passed away before she did. Mrs. Mundy herself did not live to see old age. Mrs. Mundy was preceded in death by both of these individuals.

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