Salli Kottas Obituary, Salli Kottas Has Died – Death

Salli Kottas Obituary

Salli Kottas Obituary Death – With Fond and Cherished Memories of Salli Moore Kottas On February 7, we were informed of the shocking and unsettling news that Salli Moore Kottas, who resided in Griffin, Georgia, had passed suddenly. Her close friends affectionately referred to her as “Aunt Salli,” and she was a lifelong admirer and breeder of Boxers and Miniature Pinschers.

Aunt Salli was a well-known figure in Florida; she was involved in both the dog club in her community and the American Boxer Club. During her tenure with the Greater Daytona Dog Fanciers Association, she held various leadership positions, including that of President and Show Chairman.

It was the first dog show of the year back then, and it was also the event that started off the Florida Circuit. Over the course of several decades, Aunt Salli served as both President and Show Chairman of the American Boxer Club. She was a pioneer in her field and had a significant role in developing their National Specialty into the prestigious competition that it is today.

The American Boxer Club was nominated for a Winkie Award in the category of Specialty Show of the Year while Aunt Salli was in charge of the organisation. Boxers were raised by Aunt Salli under the SAJAK prefix, and they produced a large number of champions. Breeding and successfully campaigning her first Multiple All-Breed Best in Show winner, a Miniature Pinscher named GCH KimRo’s Miss Vera Vain, is likely one of the most significant accomplishments she has accomplished in the show arena.

Aunt Salli’s personality, which was larger than life, her love of purebred dogs and the community surrounding purebred dogs, and her great zeal for life are what people will remember most about her. Her absence will be keenly felt by everyone in the fancy.
Our sincerest condolences go out from all of us here at The Canine Chronicle to Salli’s daughters, grandchildren, extended relatives, and all of her many friends who knew and loved her.

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