Russell Heller Obituary, Russell Heller Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Russell Heller Obituary, Russell Heller Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Russell Heller Death, Obituary – According to many accounts, a fatal shooting took occurred on Wednesday morning in the parking lot of the PSE&G Central Division in Franklin Township. It was claimed that the incident took place just after 7 a.m. outside of a facility at the Somerset Central Division Headquarters located on Weston Canal Road close to Interstate 287.

More information regarding the fatal shooting that occurred at a PSE&G facility in Somerset, New Jersey, on Wednesday morning has been obtained by CBS2. The man was reportedly shot in the parking lot, according to the police. The investigation into the homicide is still taking place. The victim, identified as Russell Heller, was 51 years old and had worked as a supervisor for PSE&G for the previous 11 years.

According to the police, he was shot and killed next to his car on Wednesday as he was on his way to work. The PSE&G facility in Somerset, which serves as the central division headquarters, is a bustling hub; nevertheless, all activity came to a halt after the shooting occurred there. The person had died from a gunshot wound when they were discovered by the Franklin Township Police Department and the Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office.

The passing of Heller was described as both devastating and heartbreaking by PSE&G. The statement from the utilities company read, “He will be sadly missed by all of us, and our sympathies are with his family during this difficult time.”

The crew from CBS2 watched as Heller’s car was hauled away by the tow truck. Gary Curtis, 58 years old, a former employee, has been named as the person whom authorities think to be responsible for the death of James Heller. A self-inflicted gunshot wound led to his death, and his body was discovered one mile away in a parking lot inside his SUV. The investigation has led authorities to assume that this was a one-off crime, and that Heller was the intended victim.

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