Roy Fraser Obituary, Roy Fraser Has Passed Away – Death

Roy Fraser Obituary

Roy Fraser Obituary Death – A painful blow has been dealt to everyone in this location as a result of the passing of two people who were active members in our community throughout the last week. An open mic night is held at Moving Voices, and Roy Fraser, who is also Nina Fraser’s father, acts as the night’s host.

During the open mic night, people present their own songs and poems. Despite the fact that she was one of the founding directors of our organisation when we initially founded it, Nina Fraser continues to serve as one of the directors of our company today. A lovely gentleman who, despite his advanced years, was able to carve out a place for his music on our stage, so exemplifying what this establishment is all about and serving as a reminder to all of us that it is never too late to be creative in one’s life.

This particular customer was a fantastic example of the types of people who frequent this establishment. The news that John Vetterlein, a former volunteer here and longstanding patron and supporter, as well as a local legend in the vegan and environmental activist community, passed away on Monday brought a great deal of sadness to our hearts.

John Vetterlein was a supporter and patron of our organisation for a long time. John Vetterlein has been involved with our organisation for a significant amount of time, serving both as a patron and a supporter. John Vetterlein has been a patron and a supporter of our organisation for a lengthy amount of time.

during which he has been actively involved in both of these capacities. John Vetterlein has been associated with our organisation in a number of different positions throughout the time that he has served as both a patron and a supporter. During this time, he has been quite active in each of these roles.

Rest well, gents

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