Rose Murphy Obituary, Rose Murphy Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Rose Murphy Obituary, Rose Murphy Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Rose Murphy Death, Obituary – It is with deep regret that I inform you that Rose Murphy passed away on Tuesday. Members will recognize Rose for her many years of service as the VC Recorder for VC2 East Cornwall, as well as her contributions to the Fumaria and Oenothera handbooks. She was a kind and pleasant old lady who possessed an incredible amount of knowledge and was always willing to assist anyone who sought her assistance. She will be sorely missed by many.

Rose was born on January 19, 1940, and she worked for Liberty Sportswear at one point. However, the majority of people knew her best for the many years that she devoted herself to helping children in the Casey County school system, where she worked as a Kindergarten teachers assistant at both Douglas Elementary and Walnut Hill elementary. Mrs. Rose, as her pupils affectionately referred to her, was never too preoccupied, too worn out, or too preoccupied with other things to deny the students who were struggling the most her undivided attention and support.

Rose spent a significant portion of her time after she retired traveling with her many sisters and friends, including Ann Lynn, Nancy Durham, Jeanie Murphy, and Tommye Allen, as well as her many girlfriends in general. She enjoyed traveling all over the United States, from Gatlinburg to Branson, Wisconsin to Washington, D.C., but the white sand beaches of Florida brought her the most happiness.

Rose’s parents, Tom Davis and Oba Davis, as well as her devoted husband of 66 years, Ernest Murphy, have passed away. Rose is the only survivor of her immediate family.
Rose is survived by her daughter Jennifer, her son Jeff Murphy of Liberty, Kentucky, and her son’s daughters Eryn Murphy and Katie (Joe) Duffy. In addition, Rose is survived by her sisters. Jennifer, her husband Chris Godbey, their daughters Emily (Jason) Fox and Natalie (Charlie) Fox, and Jeff Murphy’s daughters Eryn Murphy and Katie (Joe) Duffy. In addition to her six great-grandchildren, whose names are Stella, Vivian, Stanley, Boone T., McCauley, and Clara Rose. And a large number of nieces and nephews whom she cherished immensely.

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