Ron Sadtler Obituary, Ron Sadtler Has Died – Death

Ron Sadtler Obituary

Ron Sadtler Obituary Death – We are saddened to have to notify you of the passing of Ron Sadtler, who not only was the first Head Coach for our organization but was also the guy who was responsible for its inception. We say this with all sincerity.

We were shocked to learn of his passing and want to express our condolences to his family and friends. Mr. Sadtler served as the team’s head coach from the year 1992, when the group was first put together, through the year 2004, when it was finally disbanded for good.

Jumping rope was one of the forms of physical activity that he promoted to the hundreds of young people that he worked with as part of his job. This duty fell squarely on his shoulders. He was a member of the team that competed in a variety of competitions, attended workshops, and attended training camps all throughout the United States and Canada.

This he accomplished while also competing against other teams and gaining new abilities. None of us would be where we are in our careers right now if it weren’t for him, and the contributions that he made to our sport will ensure that his name is remembered for a very long time because of the impact he had on it.

If you could keep his family in your prayers and thoughts while they are going through this difficult time, it would mean a great deal to them. I ask that you give this some thought. We would like to be able to share your memories of him as well as photographs with his family, so if you are comfortable doing so, please feel free to submit them below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We hope that we will be able to show them to his family at some point.

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