Richard Winkelman Obituary, Richard Winkelman Has Passed Away – Death

Richard Winkelman Obituary, Richard Winkelman Has Passed Away - Death

Richard Winkelman Death, Obituary –  On the morning of February 8, 2023, Command Sergeant Major Richard A. Winkelman was traveling to his job in Rhode Island when he was involved in a fatal car accident. He passed away as a result of his injuries. We are deeply saddened to inform our loved ones and friends of the passing of Command Sergeant Major Richard A. Winkelman. It is with a heavy heart that we do so.

As a direct result of this, our entire family has been dealt a set of circumstances that are terrible and painful. We are in disbelief and are groping for meaning in the face of this incomprehensible tragedy. What has taken place is incomprehensible to us.

Rhonda Llewellyn Winkelman, his family, and the family of Richard would like to express their gratitude to John McDonald, Johnny Mac, Costantino Natale, and their wives, along with everyone else in the Rhode Island National Guard, for their unwavering support. Richard’s family also wishes to extend their thanks to Rhonda Llewellyn Winkelman.

Since this event took place, they have been by Rhonda’s side, and they will continue to guide and encourage her as she goes through this extremely difficult time.
Since Wednesday morning, there has been an overwhelming and heartwarming outpouring of support, which has been going on since Wednesday morning. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the numerous phone calls, messages of condolence, and prayers that you have offered. I am deeply saddened by what has happened. This past time period has been challenging and draining in equal measure.

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