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Richard Rivard Obituary

Richard Rivard Death, Obituary – The obituary for Richard Alan Rivard may be found on this page. Richard Alan Rivard, 65, of Standish, British Columbia, who fought cancer for a significant amount of time and believed himself to be “the luckiest guy in the world,” passed away on February 13 after a drawn-out battle with the disease.

When he crossed over into the next realm, his children and his faithful canine companion, Paisley, were there to welcome him. The year 1975 marked the year that Rich Rivard, son of Roland and Phyllis Rivard, graduated from Rumford High School with his high school diploma. It was said of him that he was “born on skis,” and he spent a considerable amount of time at Black Mountain in Maine honing his abilities as a skier there.

He was a very active member of the Chisolm Ski Club and participated in all of their events. One of the things he is most pleased with is the fact that he was able to serve as a timer for the nordic competitions at the Olympic Winter Games held in Salt Lake City in the year 2002. While simultaneously expanding his business, Sunrise Printing and Graphics, he was an active member of the Windham Area Chamber of Commerce.

He had a great time sailing his Pearson 303 and going on adventures along the breathtaking coastline of Maine, stopping at a number of the state’s bays and harbors along the way. Due to his love of mountain biking and hiking, he spent a lot of time in the Grafton Notch region and participated in a number of triathlons. He also spent a lot of time in the region.

He instills in his students not only a love for the natural world but also an appreciation for the finer points of everyday life, such as learning to take pleasure in the way the air smells after it has rained, the sound of the first peepers of spring, the crunch of snow under boots, and of course, the flavor of an ice cold glass of milk. Additionally, he imparts a great deal of additional knowledge.

He was able to look on the bright side of things, adjust his mood when it was necessary, and be generous to others even when they didn’t deserve it because he possessed the ability to do all of these things. He had a deep dedication not only to his family but also to his community, and he believed it was his responsibility to leave the world in a somewhat better condition than he had discovered it.

He instilled in his children a thirst for greater heights, a passion for sailing over the ocean, and the determination to accomplish whatever it was that they set out to do. All of these things, as well as a great deal more besides, will be included in his legacy.

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