Richard Manning Obituary, Richard Manning Has Passed Away – Death

Richard Manning Obituary

Richard Manning Obituary Death – It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the passing of Richard Manning Richard was a long time golfing member of the Club. He served many years as the clubs handicapper long before it was done on computer , Richard used to amaze us with how quickly he could take your latest round and give you your new handicap in a matter of minutes with only a pen and paper.

There was no such thing as a quick chat with Richard it always started that way but some how that quick chat turned into 45 mins with many side roads taken before we got to the point that we originally started with, these talks were always fun with laughs and that ever present cheeky grin that made you smile even if you didn’t feel like it .

Richard never stood back when it came to helping on the course, he was always there at working bee’s and many many times Richard could be seen out there fixing something he had noticed on his last round of golf. Alot of the time he had pliers in one hand and wire strainers in the other heading off to fix a fence that a tree had fallen on saying it must be the farmer in me but I just have to fix that fence.

Richard’s love of golf spanned over many many years and he was one of the original members of Tuesday veteran’s golf or as he called it the old blokes, he told me once we aren’t world beaters we just like our golf we like to talk and we like to take our time. Thank you Richard for your years of service and friendship you will be dearly missed, we send love and strength to Suzanne, Kim and your entire family.

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