Rachel Schwartz Missing, Mother of two who served in the U.S. Army in Iraq, Reportedly Missing

Rachel Schwartz Missing – The family of Rachel Schwartz, a mother of two who was a member of the United States Army and served in Iraq, has stated that they no longer believe she went to a home for veterans in distress after leaving the house of an ex-boyfriend south of Tampa. Schwartz was a veteran of the state of Florida.¬†Benjamin Schrupp, Schwartz’s brother-in-law, was quoted as saying on Tuesday by Fox News Digital saying, “He is now 100% the last person to see her.”

Ex-boyfriend John Scorah responded to a phone call from the woman on Tuesday by saying “not interested” before hanging up. Before she disappeared, Schwartz allegedly confided in her father and at least one other acquaintance that she feared Scorah. This information comes from Schwartz’s relatives. Elizabeth Schrupp, Schwartz’s sister, claimed in a post on Facebook that “her last message to my dad was that she wanted to come home and that she was terrified of her ex.” Schrupp was referring to the text message that Schwartz had received from her sister.

On January 31, the date Schrupp claims Schwartz was seen on Ring doorbell camera video leaving her ex’s house with luggage, the family had believed that she had left Scorah’s and gone to stay at a home in Spring Hill, where the owner was known to provide rooms for veterans in crisis. This was the date that she was seen leaving Scorah’s house. That was also the same day as their most recent contact, as well as the day when they allege both her phone and her social media accounts went silent.

However, after speaking with Joel Dunn, whose home in Spring Hill they believed she had found safety in, the family discovered that he had last seen her several days ago. According to her family, Schwartz, who is 33 years old, suffers from PTSD as well as other stress-related illnesses. She had a tumultuous, on-and-off relationship with Scorah, which included charges of violence.
According to Schrupp, she had relocated back to Minnesota in order to get away from him, but at the beginning of January, she traveled back to Florida in order to spend time with her two sons, whom she shares with a different guy.

Dunn also stated that Schwartz was “pretty stressed out” during her stay because she was torn between returning to her home state of Minnesota to participate in a VA class and staying in Florida to be closer to her sons. Dunn stated that Schwartz’s home state of Minnesota is where she currently resides.¬†“Before she left where I was, she informed me that her boyfriend would be coming to pick her up,” he added. “When she departed where I was.”

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