Peter Wood Obituary, Peter Wood Has Sadly Passed Away At Age 77 – Death

Peter Wood Obituary

Peter Wood Death, Obituary – Warm and joyful thoughts and memories of Peter Wood are sent his way with best wishes. Regards to Peter Wood On January 22, Peter, who had reached the age of 77 and had been residing at Meadow Walk in South Elmsall, died away peacefully in the confines of his own house. He had been a resident of South Elmsall for the past three decades.

He had spent the preceding 22 years living there as a permanent resident. Nick and Kerry have a very generous dad in their father, and they need to realize how fortunate they are to have such a caring parent. Chris and Joanne hold Chris’s father, who is also Joanne’s father-in-law, in extremely high esteem. Chris’s father is also the person who raised Chris.

Joanne has a relationship with Chris’s dad, who is also her father-in-law. His great-grandchildren are named Kayden, Kurtis, and Keaison, and his grandkids are named Keira, Kayla, and Karl. His great-great-grandchildren are named Keavie. His grandchildren all refer to him as their grandfather, including Keira, Kayla, and Karl. A well-liked option for all types of audiences.

Additionally, a treasured member of Doreen and Keith’s family who is either a brother or a sister. When he goes away, everyone will feel the loss of him in their own individual and unique way. On February 21, at 11:40 in the morning, the funeral service for Peter will begin at the Pontefract Crematorium. Peter passed away on January 18. The 21st of February was the day Peter went away.

The date and time are engraved in stone, and they cannot be altered in any way. At this time, flowers ought to be restricted to being sent only to the immediate family. If you do not like to send flowers but would still like to show your support, it would be greatly appreciated if you could make a donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Following the service, Peter’s family would like to offer a cordial invitation to anybody who knew Peter to join them at The Minsthorpe Hotel for some refreshments. They hope to see you there. They will return there promptly after the conclusion of the service. Anyone who knew Peter and who would consider themselves to be a part of Peter’s circle can take advantage of this offer.

During this trying time, we strongly encourage you to spare no effort in conveying sincere messages of love and support to the people who are closest to Peter, including his loved ones and those who are closest to him. During this trying time, we urge you to spare no effort in conveying sincere messages of love and support to the people who are closest to Peter. I am appreciative of the help that you have provided.

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