Peter Kolodiazny Obituary, Peter Kolodiazny Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Peter Kolodiazny Obituary

Peter Kolodiazny Death, Obituary – On January 18, 2023, our dearly departed Peter Kolodiazny passed from this world to the next. Many people have affection for him. This information has a devastating impact on us, and we are truly sorry that we have to pass it on to you. This news comes as a crushing blow to each and every one of us, and it breaks our hearts to have to pass it on to the next person.

On April 13, 1934, Peter Kolodiazny was born in the community of Smoky Lake, which is located in the province of Alberta. His birth took place there. Mary and Kornelius Kolodiazny, who later became his parents, were his parents.
Dad never took a break from the work that he did in the field of mental health; he committed his entire life to it and he never stopped doing it.

It was in March of 1956 when he first started working at Riverview Hospital as a Student nurse, and he remained there until the year 1958, by which time he had acquired his diploma after having finished his training there. He then went on to work at another hospital.

Up until the year 1993, he worked at Riverview Hospital, where he eventually became the Head Nurse after working his way up through the ranks from Assistant Head Nurse to Head Nurse throughout the course of his employment there. As a direct result of this occurrence, Peter was the principal caregiver for his wife Georgina for the last five years of her life, until she passed away in October of 1998.

Around that time, she died away peacefully in her sleep. Peter went back to work as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and started working at a number of boarding homes all across the lower mainland of British Columbia after taking some time off to care for his family. Because of his employment, he was had to travel quite a bit.

This package includes accommodations at all of the lodges, such as the Pinetree Lodge, the Rainbow Lodge, the Barberry Lodge, and Melissa Park Lodge. Peter continued to work up until the month of August 2022, when, at the age of 88 and as a result of his condition, he was forced to give up his employment.

He had been forced to give up his job because of his ailment. Because of his illness, he was not able to continue working and had to give up his job.

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