Paula Handke Obituary, Paula Handke Has Passed Away At Age 70 – Death

Paula Handke Obituary, Paula Handke Has Passed Away At Age 70 - Death

Paula Handke Death, Obituary – Paula Handke, who had reached the age of 70 at the time of her passing and was a resident of Atchison, Kansas, passed away unexpectedly and unexpectedly on Saturday, February 4, 2023, at Amberwell Hospital in Atchison, Kansas. Her cause of death was a sudden and unexpected heart attack. The chain of occurrences that culminated in her death was impossible to foresee or prepare for in any way, shape, or form due to the fact that every single one of them was totally unexpected.

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at ten in the morning, the Christian funeral service will be held at St. Joseph Church. The date and time of the event have not yet been determined. The time of the memorial ceremony, as well as the day it will take place, have not yet been determined. Both the time of the memorial service and the day it will take place are still up for discussion, and a decision has not been made about any of these aspects of the event.

The Reverend Jeremy Heppler, OSB will perform the duties of both the event’s master of ceremonies and the person who will act as the gathering’s leader. In addition to that, he will act as the celebrant. In addition to that, he is going to preside over the ceremony as the celebrant and do all of the duties that come along with that role. The burial will take place at the St. Louis Cemetery, which is also located within the city of St. Louis, after the conclusion of the funeral service.

This will happen not too long after the funeral service has concluded and not too much longer after that either. It will take place within a short period of time after that. A parish rosary will be performed in remembrance of those who have died away on the evening of Tuesday, February 7th, at six o’clock in the chapel that is located within the Arensberg-Pruett Funeral Home.

In memory of the one who has passed away, this shall take place. This get-together is being hosted in commemoration of people who passed away during the past few short months. This get-together will take place in the chapel, which has been reserved in accordance with these plans particularly for the purpose of using it in this manner. After that, there will be a time allotted for individuals to drop by and say hello, and that time will go all the way up until 7:30 in the evening.

This time will run until there are no more visitors. During that time period, there will be a variety of eats and beverages that may be purchased. The time that has been set aside specifically for this activity will be consumed by its completion, as it is the task that requires it. In lieu of sending flowers, the family has asked for memorial contributions to be sent to the American Diabetes Association or to St. Benedict Catholic School in honor of the deceased family member.

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