Paul Bongiovi Obituary, Linden NJ, Former Member Hawthorne Caballeros Has Died – Death

Paul Bongiovi Obituary, Linden NJ, Former Member Hawthorne Caballeros Has Died - Death

Paul Bongiovi Obituary, Death – Following Paul Bongiovi’s passing, the members of Hawthorne Caballeros have entered an unfathomable state of mourning for their bandmate. In addition to being a member, supporter, mentor, and friend of the Caballeros, Paul also served for a significant amount of time as the director of the Hawthorne Caballeros Alumni Corps. This role spanned a number of years.

Not only within this organization, but also among the family and friends he had around him, his influence will be felt for a very long time, and all of these people will miss him. His absence will be felt by all of these people. Everyone who is having a hard time processing the death of our friend Paul is in all of our thoughts and prayers. After having a conversation with Paul on Monday,

it is very challenging for me to come to terms with the fact that he was taken away from us in such an unexpected and unexpected manner. After our conversation, it is extremely difficult for me to accept that fact. Before he joined the Cabs Alumni, he was a consistent member of the Latin drum line of the competing drum corps for many years. During those years, he served as a mainstay on the line.

He was a performer in our Latin section, and whenever I asked for his help, he made it a habit of offering to assist me by composing their parts for the new music. This would happen whenever I asked for his help. I took the opportunity to thank him for the trust he placed in me as the director of the corps because he was encouraging and helpful in his role there, and I am grateful for the opportunity. He was not only my boss but also my colleague, my assistant, and my friend, and I will miss the unassuming leadership he provided as well as the friendship he offered. God Bless You, Paul

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