Patricia Benoit Obituary, Patricia Benoit Has Passed Away – Death

Patricia Benoit Obituary, Patricia Benoit Has Passed Away - Death

Patricia Benoit Death, Obituary – On February 8, 2023, Patricia Ann Benoit, who had previously been known as Patricia Clifford, attained the age of 76, and then passed away quietly in her sleep the following day. In the past, she had been known as Patricia Clifford. Her parents, Albert Simonelli and Katherine Simonelli, gave her life on April 18th, 1946 in the city of Stamford, Connecticut, in the United States. She was her parents’ only child and the only child they ever had.

Soon after she graduated from Stamford Public Schools, she tied the knot with her high school sweetheart, Steven Clifford, and the couple went on to have four children together. Pat had a job that she loved for 15 years before she finally made the decision to retire, and during that time, she was able to cultivate friendships with the customers who shopped at Grade A Market. Pat is now enjoying her retirement.

Pat is currently making the most of her retirement. Pat has maintained relationships with the vast majority of these customers even after she stopped working at the job she cherished after a lengthy career in which she held that position. She passed the time in her spare time by watching episodes of General Hospital, keeping her mind active by playing word games on her phone, and texting everyone, making it a point to include a large number of emojis in her messages every time. In her spare time, she enjoyed using her phone to play word games.

Patricia’s children Lisa Clifford, Cathy Giordano (Joseph), and Steven Clifford, who all live in Stamford, and Lori Corrente, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida, are the only ones who have survived. All of Patricia’s other children passed away. Her grandchildren are named Alyssa Walters, Joseph Giordano, and Nicky Corrente, and they all live in the same city of Stamford, Connecticut. Nicky Corrente lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She will be sorely missed by everyone. They were the people she had devoted herself to loving for the entirety of her life. A further detail is that she does not bring Nicky Corrente along with her.

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