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Norah Anne Sanders Obituary, Death – On February 17, 2023, Norah Anne Sanders, a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother who resided in Monroe, Wisconsin, passed away as the result of a terrible car accident. She was a victim of the accident. She came from the Sanders family and was a Sanders. Norah was born on March 30, 1951 in Flint, Michigan, and she attended Holy Redeemer School for the entirety of her education, from kindergarten all the way through grade 12, beginning with Holy Redeemer. While she was working at the Fair Store in Flint, she became acquainted with Mike, who would later become her husband

In due time, Mike would end up becoming her husband. On March 3, 1973, they exchanged vows of marriage to one another, and ever since then, they have devoted their lives to being involved in the lives of their children and the community that surrounds them. After getting married, they relocated quite frequently in the early years of their marriage, first to Flint, Michigan, then to Ann Arbor, Michigan, then to Peoria, Illinois, then to Palo Alto, California, then to Naperville, Illinois, and finally to Appleton, Wisconsin, where they raised their children. After getting married, they relocated to Appleton, Wisconsin, where they brought up their children. Norah was able to leave an indelible mark on the community in Monroe, Wisconsin, after moving there in 2001 with her husband Mike and becoming actively involved in a wide variety of charitable organizations.

This was made possible by the fact that she had previously moved there with Mike. Norah currently calls Monroe her permanent place of residence. They currently believe that Monroe will serve as their home for the foreseeable future. She never allowed her fear about asking for money to impede her from being generous with her donations and was very generous with the money that she gave away. She was under the impression that her children and grandchildren might be swayed to agree with her perspectives, and as a result, she educated all of them on the importance of volunteering one’s time to help out in one’s community and other people’s lives because she believed that they could be won over. Norah was a longtime Democrat who devoted a significant lot of her attention and energy to the cause of increasing women’s rights. During her life, she worked tirelessly to advance the cause of equal rights for women.

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