Nicholas Gallo Obituary, Ballston Spa, NYS, Nicholas Gallo has died – Death

Christopher Byrnes Obituary, Rocky Point, New York, has passed away - Death

Nicholas Gallo Obituary, Death – She bravely battled ovarian cancer for five years before passing away on December 19 in the comfort of her own home, surrounded by her family and close friends. She had fought the disease for five years. It had been five years since she had begun her fight against the disease. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother who radiated warmth, love, and care for her family.

She took excellent care of her children and grandchildren. In addition to this, she was a loyal and dear friend who placed a significant amount of importance on their friendship. She had a fruitful professional career in communications and media relations; however, she chose to focus the majority of her time and energy on her artistic pursuits, despite the fact that her professional career was successful.

Her first and foremost interest was in the creative arts. Clay was her medium of choice, and she worked with it almost exclusively as the skilled sculptor that she was. After her passing, the only members of her family who will still be alive will be her two children, Jennifer Lewis Gough and Nicholas Lewis, her grandson Jackson Schranck, and her sister Maryann Flynn. The following are some of the words that she lived by throughout her entire life and used to guide her actions: “we are ready to take on anything and everything that could possibly be thrown my way.

we am able to derive pleasure from the most inconsequential aspects of my life. we have reached a point in my life where we are pleased with every facet of who we are as a person. A significant portion of my happiness comes from participating in the process of weaving an artistic tapestry with my life. we release myself from any and all grudges, resentments, and regrets. It is a choice of mine to have confidence in the occurrence of miraculous events.”

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