Monsignor Slattery Obituary, Monsignor Slattery Has Passed Away – Death

Monsignor Slattery Obituary

Monsignor Slattery Obituary Death – We are sorry to inform you of the passing of Monsignor Michael Slattery, who was not only a revered servant of God but also our much-loved pastor emeritus and the person who established our parish. We are passing on the sad news of his passing because he was not only a revered servant of God but also the person who founded our parish.

Monsignor Michael Slattery served in a variety of capacities throughout his life. The fact that we are forced to continue in this manner is a source of deep regret for all of us. His unwavering commitment to God, his unwavering love for others, and the fact that he had such a significant influence on the lives of such a large number of other people are just a few of the reasons why he will be dearly missed by such a large number of individuals.

We are thinking about and praying for Msgr. Mike’s family, friends, and all of those who had the honor of being able to call him a friend during this difficult time. As a means to celebrate his life and pay tribute to the legacy he has left behind, let us remember him with love and express our thanks for the time he spent with us.

This will be our way of remembering him. Let us also allow the memory of him to serve as a source of motivation for us to live our lives with the same level of love, joy, and faith that he demonstrated in the time that he was here on earth. I pray that you, Msgr. Michael Slattery, are able to find the peace and quiet that you so well deserve so that you can get some much-needed rest.

You shouldn’t worry about a thing since you may rest assured that we won’t cease thinking about or praying for you at any point in the future. You will always be in our thoughts, and we will continue to pray for you.

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