Mick Burns Obituary, Nenagh Éire Óg Former Player has died – Death

Mick Burns Obituary, Nenagh Éire Óg Former Player has died - Death

Mick Burns Obituary, Death – We were informed this evening that Mick Burns had passed away, which has filled our hearts with great sadness. We were informed that Mick Burns had passed away. Despite the fact that Mick is best known for his hurling achievements during his playing career, he did serve as President of the Club for a time in the recent past. This was during the club’s participation in the All Ireland Hurling Championships.

His playing career, on the other hand, has brought him the most attention and fame throughout his life. He is the player in Nenagh Eire Og’s long and illustrious history who has received the most honors as a result of his five senior medals for All Ireland. As a result, he is the player with the most awards. These medals were awarded to him while he was representing All Ireland in various competitions.

Mick is best remembered in Nenagh for winning the two North Senior championships with Nenagh Eire Og in 1957 and 1964. These championships were held during Mick’s tenure at the club. These championships were held in 1957 and 1964, respectively. These championships were won at both the senior and minor levels, and Mick won a slew of other championships with Tipperary at both levels, including a slew of others at both levels. He rose to prominence as the captain of the Nenagh Eire Og team.

which won the championship that season and returned the trophy to Nenagh. He became the most popular person in town as a result of his success. Everyone associated with the organization will miss Mick greatly because he was a genuine and devoted supporter of the Club right up until his death. As a result of his absence, everyone involved will suffer a significant loss. To his most cherished family members, including his wife Pauline, their sons Michael, Ronan, and John, as well as the rest of his cherished family members.

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