Michigan State University Shooting, 3 students killed and 5 wounded; gunman is dead

Michigan State University Shooting –  On Tuesday, as students and neighbors of the surrounding area honored the three students who had been killed on school, Michigan State Representative Emily Dievendorf called for an end to gun violence. Dievendorf, a Democrat, stated that lawmakers and the general public need to adopt a “holistic” approach to the issue of mental health and gun violence during an event held in honor of the students who were killed.

She stated that “this most surely affects the entirety of the community.” “We are aware that the students are experiencing discomfort,” Dievendorf emphasized the importance of maintaining a state of heightened vigilance whenever acts of violence are committed. Some students at MSU expressed reluctance the day after a gunman caused chaos on campus by killing many people to return to the areas of the university where those deaths occurred.

Kinesiology major Allison Blackmore, who is 21 years old and in her senior year, stated that she will never step foot inside Berkey Hall or the MSU Union. Blackmore stated on Tuesday that the area where the shooting occurred “is supposed to be a safe place on campus, and it wasn’t for them.” He was referring to the three students who were killed and the five students who were injured.

“I won’t have to, therefore I won’t push myself to go there,” she remarked while standing in front of The Rock, a famous landmark at Michigan State University that was painted black with red letters that read: “How Many More?” Jenna Frommer, who is 20 years old and a junior studying biology, shared that she can’t wait to get back to school.

When I walk down the hall to take my test the following week, the thought that crosses my mind is not, ‘I’m going to perform well.’ She expressed her thoughts by saying, “I’m thinking, ‘I don’t want to die here.'” According to Mary Thomas, a 22-year-old senior at Michigan State University studying elementary education, the campus has always given her the impression of a safe community. Thomas has family members who attended Michigan State University. On the other hand, that reality was broken the previous night. According to Thomas, “it’s home away from home for so many individuals.” [Citation needed] “Right now, I have no idea what it is. At least for the foreseeable future, things are not going to be the same.

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