Michele May Obituary, Michele May has Died – Death

Michele May Obituary, Michele May has Died - Death

Michele May Obituary, Death – Michele May, a dear friend of ours and a colleague at the company, battled a debilitating illness till her passing on January 19 despite putting up a brave fight until the end. Our thoughts and prayers are with Michele’s family and friends at this difficult time. Please accept our sympathies. Throughout her fight against this cancer, Michele demonstrated an astounding amount of courage, tenacity, bravery, and positivity.

We would like to take advantage of this opportunity in order to pay our respects to her memory and we hope you would join us in doing so. The people in our family will remember Michele as someone who had a positive attitude, was nice to others, was generous, and was always ready to have fun. All of us drew inspiration from her ability to get the job done. Even though we are going to miss her terribly.

The great legacy she leaves behind and the brilliance that she brought into the world will continue to shine brightly within each and every one of us long after she has passed away. Today, we are remembering Michele by wearing scarves in her name, smiling in her honor, and smiling in general to celebrate her life. We are also wearing smiles in tribute to Michele. In addition, we have come to the conclusion that we will honor her legacy by making use of each and every one of our social media platforms.

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