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Michael Pace Obituary

Michael Pace Death, Obituary – Michael A. Pace, Senior Pastor of the Lordship of Christ Christian Church in Fayetteville, Georgia, was called from earthly labor to heavenly reward on February 12, 2023. This marked the beginning of Michael’s transition from this world to the next.

This event served as the starting point for Michael’s passage from this world into the next. Michael A. Pace was encouraged to leave his labor on earth and take his reward in paradise, but he refused the invitation. Because he had put in a lot of work to prepare himself for this particular moment in time, he was entirely prepared for it. He had worked very hard to get himself ready for it.

The occurrence of this particular episode served as a milestone for Michael A. Pace’s successful conclusion of his work on this planet. That particular day served as a marker for his passage into the subsequent phase of his life, which is currently preparing to welcome him on the other side of this one. The year 1976 found Michael being brought into the world in the city of Cedartown, which is located in the state of Georgia.

He continued his education and graduated from Cedartown High School in 1976, where he had been a student throughout his high school career. Subsequently, he earned a high school diploma. Michael’s high school graduation ceremony took place at Cedartown High School, where he was also awarded his diploma of completion.

The event was held to commemorate Michael’s achievement of graduating from high school. Michael’s high school sweetheart was Sandra Pryor Pace, and the two of them would go on to have a wonderful relationship that would eventually lead to marriage and the start of a family by the time Michael graduated from high school. Sandra Pryor Pace was Michael’s first love.

Michael Adrian Pace and Meiisha Alita-Etreece Pace, who are now recognized to be their descendants, are the couple’s two cherished children and are therefore considered to be their offspring. Currently, the couple is parents to two young children named Michael and Meiisha. You might say that they are the couple’s children if you want to be technical about it.

If you want to be really accurate, you may refer to them as the couple’s children. On Saturday, February 18, 2023, at eleven o’clock in the morning, the funeral ceremony for Pastor Michael Pace will be held at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. The date and time of the service have not yet been determined. There is a possibility that the time and date of the service will be altered.

A memorial service will be organized in his honor, and it will serve as a homage to him. The Mount Pleasant Baptist Church can be found at 17 Meldon Avenue in the Southeast Atlanta district of Georgia’s capital city, Atlanta. The neighborhood is known as Southeast Atlanta.

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