Michael Fromey Obituary, Former Worker Of Painter’s Union has died – Death

Michael Fromey Obituary, Former Worker Of Painter's Union has died - Death

Michael Fromey Obituary, Death – Michael J. Fromey, who had been battling Alzheimer’s disease for a very long time before he passed away on February 15 at the age of 87, had been fighting for a very long time. He passed away peacefully in the environment that he called home. On the 21st of September in 1935, he was born into this world to start his life here. He was an expert in painting as well as the construction of drywall because he had spent a significant amount of time working for the Painter’s Union.

His experience included working on both residential and commercial properties. Throughout the course of his life, he found enjoyment in a wide variety of activities, such as fishing, gardening, snowmobiling, camping, barbecueing, watching wildlife, walking on stilts while dressed up, participating in parades, and attending Christmas parties held at the Owl’s nest. Throughout the entirety of his life, he was an active member of the Oneida Owl’s Nest and contributed to its ongoing activities.

He is survived by his daughters Michaela Havens (Mickey), Peggy Nolan, and Denise Fehrman; his five grandchildren Josh Havens, Chad Wright, Noah, Dale, and Kristina Shear; his four great grandchildren; and his granddaughter Tonya M Tyler, who passed away not too long ago. Tonya M Tyler was one of his great grandchildren. In addition, he was blessed with the presence of four great grandchildren.

In remembrance of Mike Fromey and Tonya Tyler, a gathering that will be known as a Celebration of Life will take place on March 25 from two in the afternoon until six in the evening at the Owl’s Nest in Oneida. The event will begin at the venue at two. The start time of the event is going to be at 2:00 in the afternoon. Everyone in their immediate family, in addition to some of their closest friends and acquaintances, is here today.

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