Michael Evans Obituary, Germantown Police Senior Patrol Officer has died – Death

Michael Evans Obituary, Germantown Police Senior Patrol has died - Death

Michael Evans Obituary, Death – A member of the Germantown Police Department passed away on Saturday, and the department is in grief at the loss of one of their own. The revelation has left the department in a state of dismay. According to the information provided by the Georgia Police Department, Senior Patrol Officer Michael Evans passed away unexpectedly on February 24, 2018. (GPD). There was no proof that may point to what caused the death of the individual.

In response to WREG’s request for comment, the Germantown Police Department released the following statement, which can be seen below: Officer Evans was the sort of guy who lived his whole life with the goal of making other people’s lives easier or more fulfilling in some way. A veteran of almost nine years of service in the United States Army in a variety of positions, he joined the Germantown Police Department in 2014 after having worked there before. He was a member of the infantry and had served in Iraq for a total of two tours, during which he was honored with a number of medals and decorations. Throughout the course of his service, he was given a number of medals and decorations.

The successes that he has achieved as a consequence of his work in the Germantown region have provided others with a model to follow. Everyone in the police department had a very good opinion of him due to the fact that he was a kind cop, dedicated policeman, and daring officer. Everyone in the division had a very favorable impression of him in extremely high regard. Officer Evans enjoyed both life and humor to the fullest possible degree, and he will be greatly missed by everyone who had the privilege of getting to know him. Officer Evans took tremendous enjoyment in both life and comedy.

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