Melinda Hickey Obituary, Melinda Hickey Has Passed Away – Death

Melinda Hickey Obituary, Melinda Hickey Has Passed Away - Death

Melinda Hickey Death, Obituary –  Melinda Hickey, who was a member of our Board of Directors, passed away unexpectedly on Friday as the consequence of a series of events that were completely out of the ordinary. Because we have no choice, we must break the terrible news to you that she has passed away, which is something that we do despite having a very heavy heart. In the year 1999, Melinda was one of the people that helped establish the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association alongside Nancy Templeton.

Nancy was one of the other co-founders, along with Melinda. She served on the CPAAA Board in a variety of capacities and was always willing to lend a hand to those who needed assistance. She was a staunch advocate for the Chattanooga Police Department throughout her life. She was a strong advocate for the Chattanooga Police Department, and she showed the agency an incredible amount of loyalty.

During her time at CPAAA, she not only played a significant part in the organization of our Health Fairs, but she also served as Vice President of Volunteers on the Board of Directors in the earlier years of her tenure there. During her time at CPAAA, she was instrumental in the success of both of these endeavors. Her services to CPAAA were very important to the organization. Because Melinda holds an unequaled level of understanding on the Chattanooga Police Department, she was appointed to the Police Advisory and Review Committee for District 6 in August of 2022. This appointment should not come as a surprise to anyone. Melinda was appointed to this committee.

Melinda has an unparalleled amount of knowledge with reference to the Chattanooga Police Department (CPD). In addition to her ardent support for the CPD, she was an amazing tap dancer and took part in productions of The Nutcracker on an annual basis. She was also an advocate for the CPD.

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