Matt Portwood Obituary, Essex Dad Has Died After Being Stabbed In The Neck – Death

Matt Portwood Obituary

Matt Portwood Obituary, Death – An inquest was held on the island of Canvey to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of a father of two who was found to have been stabbed in the neck after an altercation. On Saturday, February 4, at approximately 1:45 a.m., the corpse of 42-year-old Matt Portwood was discovered injured in the parking lot near to Iceland on Furtherwick Road. Portwood was found dead.

After graduating from St. Peter’s High School, Mr. Portwood went on to complete his education at what is now known as Ormiston Rivers Academy. Mr. Portwood was born and reared in Burnham. Following the finding of the injured man in the parking lot, the Essex Police Department initiated an investigation into the possibility of a homicide having occurred.

An investigation into Mr. Portwood’s death was opened at this morning’s session of the Essex Coroner’s Court, which took place in Chelmsford. According to Deborah Frost, who is the official in charge of coroners’ investigations: “On February 4th, Mr. Portwood, who had resided in Canvey all his life, passed away. It was discovered that he was unresponsive and laying on the ground close to the parking lot of Iceland on Canvey.

“It was determined that he had passed away when someone called for an ambulance and had paramedics arrive to the location where he was found. After an autopsy was performed at the Southend Mortuary, it was found that the likely cause of death was a stabbing to the neck, and this was registered as the provisional cause of death.”

According to the findings of the coroner, Lincoln Brookes: “I would like to formally begin the inquest into the death of Matthew Portwood, however at the request of Essex Police, I shall pause the proceedings until further notice. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I have chosen to put an end to the probe because the police have notified me that they are conducting a criminal investigation. This was the impetus for my decision. In relation to the homicide of Mr. Portwood, three males have been apprehended and charged with the crime of murder.


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