Maryvale High School Phoenix Arizona Lockdown

Maryvale High School Phoenix Arizona Lockdown

Maryvale High School Phoenix Arizona Lockdown – After an incident on Friday in which one student at Maryvale High School threatened to shoot another student, the school administration made the decision to place the campus in a state of lockdown until the situation was brought under control. As a consequence of the threat that was made, the student will be charged, as stated in the statement that was provided by the Phoenix police department and which was made public.

The spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department, Sgt. Tommy Thompson, has stated that a teacher was present in the classroom at the time that a male kid threatened another child with a gun and indicated that he was going to shoot them. The male pupil made the threat at the other child, and he did so directly. Following the occurrence, the school that is situated in the community that is bounded by 59th Avenue and Osborn Road implemented a lockdown procedure in order to protect the personnel and pupils who were present there.

As a direct and immediate result of the action that Phoenix took, which ultimately led to the arrest of the student, the student was taken into jail by the authorities who had jurisdiction over the situation. According to Thompson, there was no weapon found, and the young man in question claimed that he had been joking about having a firearm when he talked having one in the past. Thompson was able to confirm this information since he spoke with the young man after the incident. Thompson asserts that there was no evidence of a weapon being present.

If the young person in question continued to engage in the behaviors that they had been engaging in, according to what he had to say, they would be charged with interfering with the operation of an educational establishment (interfering with the operation of an educational establishment).

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