Marque Hamilton Obituary, Marque Hamilton Died At Age 29 – Death

Marque Hamilton Obituary

Marque Hamilton Obituary Death – A woman from Nashville, Tennessee, age 29, was pronounced dead on Tuesday morning after allegedly colliding with a construction vehicle on Interstate 65 close to Rosa Parks. The incident occurred on Tuesday morning. The occurrence happened in the general vicinity. It was early on Tuesday morning when the event took place.

Just before 1:30 in the morning, fire crews arrived at a vehicle that was completely engulfed in flames. The cameras that TDOT had installed were able to record images of the flames when they arrived at the scene. The firefighters arrived quickly and put out the fires that had already been set before any further damage could be done.

It was disclosed on Thursday that the identity of the victim is Marque Lichelle Hamilton, and that the authorities have identified her as the person who was killed. They have also confirmed that she was the person who was killed. According to the Metro Authorities Department, she was driving her vehicle on the interstate in a northern direction when, for reasons that are unknown to the police, she “left the right side of the roadway” and crashed with the back of a vehicle that was parked on the shoulder of the road.

After that, she was engaged in a collision with another vehicle. At the time of the accident, the driver and owner of the truck were working as subcontractors for the TDOT. The officials say that the Jeep took fire, and the driver was unable to get out of the flaming vehicle in time for them to be rescued. It turned out that her body had been discovered at the scene of the accident, and she had already passed away.

ction was involved in an accident that caused him to sustain serious injuries and compelled him to seek emergency medical attention for his condition. The collision took place while R.D. Construction’s truck was being driven by one of its employees.

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