Marion Salazar Obituary, Marion Salazar Has Sadly Passed Away – Death

Marion Salazar Obituary, Marion Salazar Has Sadly Passed Away - Death

Marion Salazar Death, Obituary – We regret to inform you that Kona Village has lost another long-term employee who was also a treasured member of our ohana. It is with great sadness that we share this news with you. It is with a heavy heart that we have to break this disappointing news to you. A tremendous lot of sadness has been brought onto our family as a result of the news at this time.

According to her daughter Momi, Marion Salazar, who had worked as a concierge at the Village for a total of 32 years, passed away unexpectedly on February 7th. She had a lot of experience working in the role, and she had been there for a total of 32 years. She had been there for an exceptionally extended amount of time. During the period we spent together, Joe, who was her late husband, and we were excellent friends.

Since the tsunami and the evacuation of Kona Village, Marion has remained in contact with both Lynn and myself. She has been quite good about keeping us up to date on what’s been happening on in Kona. Lynn was Momi and Mile’s high school teacher, and she treasured the time she got to spend with both of Marion’s children as well as their mother. Momi and Mile were both students in Lynn’s class. Marion was an attractive person who was always compassionate, kind, and friendly.

She also had a fantastic sense of humor, which added to her overall attractiveness. In addition to that, she was a great person to have around. The amount of good fortune that was bestowed upon us by the presence of her in our lives is difficult for us to fathom. This comes to me as a total shock. I had no idea. When they came, they were one of the first things to see, and one of the first things that caught their attention was the gorgeous face that she possessed. During the time that we have spent together, we have engaged in a tremendous deal of conversation that goes into great detail.

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