Marguerite Wetzel Obituary, Marguerite Wetzel Has Passed Away – Death

Marguerite Wetzel Obituary

Marguerite Wetzel Obituary Death – Our deepest sympathies go out to Marguerite Wetzel Lee’s family, as well as to everyone else in her life who was important to her and who had a big impact on her while she was still physically present on this planet.

We extend our condolences to all of these people. We will miss Marguerite Wetzel Lee. We will miss Marguerite Wetzel Lee very much. Marguerite will be a person who will be deeply missed by each and every one of us who are assembled here today as a result of the fact that she played an important role in each of our lives.

Because of this, we are all here today. As a direct consequence of this, all of us have gathered here at this particular spot today. Many of the people in her life, including her friends, her family, and members of the community, are going to miss having her present in some capacity in some way.

This includes being able to interact with her. This includes the ability to engage in conversation with her. This includes the chance to talk to her about various topics. This offers the opportunity to have a conversation with her about a variety of subjects. This opens up the possibility of having a conversation with her about a number of topics that interest both of you.

Because of this, you now have the opportunity to have a conversation with her about a variety of subjects that are of interest to the two of you. The family has requested that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions be sent to the Humane Society of Southwest Missouri in honor of their loved one.

Your contributions can be given to, which can be found at the following address: 3161 W. Norton Rd., Springfield, Missouri 65803, via postal mail or via email; in either case, they will be delivered to the same location (please include the zip code 65803). (address for correspondence)

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