Malcolm Buckley Obituary, Former Member Of Aldwinians RUFC has died – Death

Malcolm Buckley Obituary, Former Member Of Aldwinians RUFC has died - Death

Malcolm Buckley Obituary, Death – Malcolm Buckley, who had been a part of our community in the past and who passed away not too long ago; it is with a heavy heart that we have to break the news to you about his passing; he had been a member of our community in the past. Malcolm Buckley was a person who used to be a part of our community in the past. We want Malcolm’s family and friends to know how sorry we are for the loss they have experienced and how much our hearts break for them.

Please accept our condolences. The people who were closest to him during his life have asked that we make the information about his funeral available to anyone who might be interested in paying their respects to him after his passing. An explanation of the pertinent particulars is provided in the following list, which is structured as follows, and it is presented in the following order: On Tuesday, the 28th of February, at 9:30 in the morning

the cremation will take place at the crematorium in Dukinfield (web stream will also be available to those unable to make it) (those who are unable to attend in person will still be able to watch via web stream) Wake services are scheduled to take place at the Hanging Gate in Audenshaw immediately following the conclusion of the funeral service. As soon as the funeral service is finished, we will get started with these other services.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would only send flowers that the recipient had grown in their own garden, if at all possible. we are grateful. Donations made by individuals who are considering making a donation ought to be made to the British Heart Foundation because this is the charity that is most deserving to receive such contributions, and the British Heart Foundation is the recipient of such donations. we are grateful.

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