Lynn Ann Skorker Obituary, Medford, Lynn Ann Skorker Has Died – Death

Lynn Ann Skorker Obituary, Medford, Lynn Ann Skorker Has Died - Death

Lynn Ann Skorker Obituary, Death – Lynn Ann Skorker, who had reached the age of 55 at the time of her passing on February 16th, passed away at the Tufts Medical Center in the city of Boston. Her passing was recorded as having occurred on that date.

She was born in the city of Medford, which is also where she completed her primary and secondary education. Her parents, John Skorker and Linda (Selig) Skorker, both passed away before she was born. Both of her parents had already passed away before she was born. Lynn took great pleasure in the laughter of others and possessed an innate talent for telling jokes to an audience.

In addition to that, she enjoyed seeing the smiles on the faces of others. She had a soft spot in her heart for animals, and in her spare time, she looked after strays and pets whose owners had abandoned them, but she did not charge them for her services. Lynn was the much-loved mother of Rebecca Skorker, who resides in Somerville, and Janelle Prescott, who is married to Rebecca Skorker.

Janelle Prescott is also Rebecca Skorker’s husband. Janelle Prescott dwells in Somerville. In addition to being a devoted grandmother, she was a doting grandmother to her grandchildren, Valerie and Jayden. Both Rebecca Skorker and Janelle Prescott were born to Rebecca, making Her their mother. Rebecca is also the mother of Rebecca Skorker.

She was the older sister of John Skorker, who lived in Boston, and his partner Tracy Young, as well as Michelle Skorker, who lived in Florida, and her partner Steve Sands. Both John and Michelle loved her very dearly. Her passing occurred in the city of Boston on the 4th of December in 2018. Her death took place in the city of Boston, which was the location of her final resting place. In addition, Lynn is survived by a considerable number of nieces and nephews who will sorrow her passing deeply because they loved her very much and have a lot of love to give.

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