Lou Kelly Obituary, New Zealand, Onewa Parents Centre Member Dies – Death

Lou Kelly Obituary

Lou Kelly Obituary, Death – We are saddened to share with the OPC community the news of the unexpected passing of Lou Kelly, who was a prenatal educator, a midwife, and an activist for gender equality and inclusion. This is a difficult announcement for us to make, and we do it with sadness. In the years 2020 and 2021, Lou worked at Onewa Parents Centre as an instructor of prenatal lessons (antenatal classes). During those years, many of our families were able to benefit from the boundless excitement, boundless joy, and boundless humor that Lou brought to their lessons.

Many people in our community have obtained knowledge on a wide variety of topics that encompass a number of different categories as a result of Lou’s teachings.
Lou harbored a deep ambition to make it possible for women to give birth anywhere they felt most comfortable, whether that was at home, in a hospital, or even in a field surrounded by baby deer. He was determined to make this a reality.

We learnt from Lou that utilizing language that is inclusive of people of all genders not only does no one any harm but also has the potential to have a substantial impact for some individuals. And a great deal more. The next generation of Childbirth Educators at our own center and all around Aotearoa, who have been motivated and educated by those who came before them, will carry on Lou’s work and ensure that her legacy lives on. These Childbirth Educators have been inspired and educated by those who came before them. It is likely that Lou will be remembered for the statement earrings that they wore, their love of dogs, kittens, and dinosaurs, and the fact that they once took a puppy to antenatal classes. And I have no doubt that many of you are still able to sing the “Baby Burrito” song in its entirety, which is one of the reasons why I say that.

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