Loretta Abbott Obituary, Loretta Abbott Has Passed Away At Age 81 – Death

Loretta Abbott Obituary

Loretta Abbott Death, Obituary – Loretta (Sloan) Abbott passed away on February 11, 2023, in the ease and comfort of her own home in Littleton, Colorado. She was 84 years old. She went away at the age of 81 after a protracted fight against primary progressive aphasia that lasted for several years. Her illness had lingered for many years.

Loretta was born in Denver on November 16th, 1941. Her birthday is November 16th. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, Loretta, Edgar and Helen (Amen) Sloan, Loretta’s parents, made the decision to relocate their family back to the Johnstown, Colorado, area. This is the location in which they had both been raised, where they had first met as high school sweethearts.

Where they had graduated together in the class of 1936, and where they had gotten married the following year after graduating from high school together. In 1959, the same year that Loretta received her high school diploma, she and her family relocated to a more humble new home that was located immediately to the west of Letford Elementary School.

Before that, the family had been based in the Johnstown region, where they had lived on farms and in town residences. At that point in time, there were a total of six members in the family, with three more children having been added.

Since she was a young child, Loretta has always had two objectives in mind for what she wants to do with her life. She prioritizes having her own children and becoming a mother to them above anything else in her life goals. She had a lot of fun “playing” the role of a mother by dressing up her younger brother, Alan, and their other relatives as young ladies and taking care of them as if they were her own kids.

This gave her a chance to experience the joys of motherhood. In the 1950s, Loretta had plenty of time to enjoy all of the traditional activities that are associated with the United States. She had a great experience being a part of the Johnstown Phantoms pep club, which at the time was reserved only for female students. This was due to the fact that there were no high school sports programs available to female students at the time.

She flashed a grin as she fondly recalled how the kids would pack a school bus to go to away games and exhibit their school pride by shouting, singing, and chanting all the way to the high school where the game was being played. She felt a pang of nostalgia as she thought back on those times. In addition, going to school dances and hanging out with her friends at Johnson’s Corner.

A restaurant where she occasionally worked as a waitress, were two of Loretta’s favorite things to do during her free time. When Loretta was a senior in high school, her classmates chose her to be the homecoming queen, and she graciously took the title.

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