Liam Steve Obituary, Mansfield TX, Former Member Leine Van Der Vossen Has Died – Death

Liam Steve Obituary, Mansfield TX, Former Member Leine Van Der Vossen Has Died - Death

Liam Steve Obituary, Death – Please spare some time out of your busy schedule to pray for Steve and his family. The news of Liam’s passing has left me completely shocked and utterly heartbroken. I cannot believe it. As soon as Liam walked onto the ice, the warmth and generosity of Liam’s great heart caused everyone to grin and their hearts to warm. Liam was the kindest of all the children there. Because he was always prepared to work hard and give his best effort whenever he was on the rink, he was an absolute joy for his coach to work with.

Spreading the word about a GoFundMe campaign that was set up for him by his Lambeth family. In the midst of such an unfathomable loss, please remember Liam’s family in your prayers and provide them comfort. Everyone is going to terribly miss Liam after he leaves. He followed hockey quite closely. He practiced his drumming skills diligently every day. In addition to being a deceptively capable defender, he was also just an all-around wonderful child in general.

The departure of Liam will have an impression not only on the people in the south Dallas-Fort Worth youth hockey scene who knew him personally but also on the community as a whole. The anguish that comes as a direct result of a loss such as this one is difficult, if not impossible, to put into words. Let’s band together as a group and offer support in any manner that we can, no matter how small or large the request may be.

During this extremely trying time, the family is free to use this for anything they see fit, and it is intended to help them in any way possible. Let’s show the Steve family what this hockey community is capable of doing and how much we adore and respect Liam by expressing our admiration and respect for him in front of them.

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